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Global Military Police

Alan Fredericks was a senior officer of the Global Military Police (GMP) in the series Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Greg Snegoff. Fredericks runs a tight ship with the GMP, and doesn't take too kindly to insubordinates like Dana Sterling and the 15th ATAC Squad. He relied heavily on his subordinate, Nova Satori, to keep things in order, and to serve coffee. He survived the the Second Robotech War, and was promoted to Brigadier General. After the Invid Invasion, he waged an underground war against the Invid occupation forces on Earth. He was originally in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


We are not the bogey-men that the media makes us out to be. We do not hide under beds and skulk in alleyways or listen in on every incidental conversation. What we are is dedicated to the preservation of freedom and liberty in hard times. The protection of the United Earth Government, and all the people under its care, is of paramount important to us in the GMP. If protecting innocent people from terrorists and rebellions stragglers makes me a monster, then so be it.

—Col. Alan Fredericks


Fredericks with his adjutant Nova Satori.

As a senior officer of the Global Military Police (GMP) Lt. Col. Fredericks worked directly with the office of the Supreme Commander. He carried out his orders with great efficiency and without question. He prized discipline above all, and didn't take kindly to disobedient officers such as Dana Sterling, despite her family background.

He usually carried out special orders from Chief-of-Staff Rolf Emerson, though not without some hesitation. He assigned his adjutant, Nova Satori, to keep an eye on the alien Zor Prime as he tried to assimilate himself in human culture.


By the end of the Second Robotech War, Colonel Fredericks was operating outside Monument City. The situation on Earth had gone from bad to worse, and he was swamped with endless security concerns. He survived the destruction of Southern Cross Headquarters at the end of the conflict and later became a part of a group of suviving senior officers that attempted to reform a viable chain of command in the wake of the destruction wrought by the war.

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