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The Anti-Unification League (AUL), was a terrorist group that resisted efforts to unify the world under one world government.


Originally formed in opposition to the globalization of the world economy, the Anti-Unification League was made of various groups and interests that had little in common other than their desire to release the world from the control of military and economic superpowers. After the arrival of alien vessel in 1999, the Anti-Unification League quickly grew in power and influence. Through economic, political and military means, they were successful in disrupting efforts to establish a United Earth Government (UEG) for several years. The League took particular exception to the presence of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) on Macross Island, seeing it as a symbol of the domineering ambitions of the United Earth Government.

Despite its diminished influence, in 2005 the Anti-Unification League remained opposed to the aims of the new world government and was accused of engaging in terrorism to further its goals. One such incident occurred at Mars Base Sara, where scientist and personnel from both the UEG and AUL worked together under a Mars Neutrality Treaty. A credible terrorist threat was made against the base causing a facility wide evacuation, which was the desired goal as someone destroyed their transport vessel and all hands were lost. Earth only had sketchy details concerning the events that transpired but it was a perfect opportunity for both sides to blame the other, fortunately it didn't escalate the conflict as was the apparent goal of the unidentified terrorist.

When the SDF-1 folded too close to Macross Island, taking everything and everyone in that proximity with them, the UEG declared it had been a terrorist attack by the AUL using a weapon of mass destruction. Even though the citizens of Earth had known about the alien space ship for ten years, it was decided telling them the aliens had arrived and were willing to use extreme force to reclaim their lost vessel wasn't the optimum course of action at that time. The cover up continued until 2010 when Admiral Henry Gloval purposely started asking for some place to drop off his civilian passengers over open radio frequencies, an action that would result in disaster for the North American Ontario Quadrant.

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