Ardennes-class Destroyer
Production information


Technical specifications

286.5 meters


81.7 meters


52 meters

Fold capable


  • 1 x double barreled rail gun at base of command tower
  • 1 x double barreled beam cannon forward of the rail gun
  • 11 x single barreled beam cannon
  • 4 x 10-tube vertical missile launchers on the side sponsons, for a total of 160 missiles
  • 4 x 2 barreled point defense turrets
  • 325 x crew
  • 230 x pilots

4 months




Ardennes-class Battlecruiser was a large, heavily armed capital ship of the United Earth Forces navy. It was developed as part of an entire line of "Battle" series of cruisers some time during the Reconstruction Era. Built to aid in the repelling of any future Zentraedi incursion into the solar system, the Ardennes was also seen serving during the early phases of the Pioneer Mission.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Ardennes-class cruisers were the among the first new generation capital ships developed after the Zentraedi Holocaust. Having learned from the inadequacies of the Oberth-class and Armor series, thie Ardennes was specifically designed by the Robotech Research Group to go against Zentraedi incursion. Their first test under fire in the Delta Pavonis star system in May of 2013 proved that these ships were tough and capable of unleashing untold devastation upon their larger targets.


Several hundred warships of this class were acquired for the Robotech Defense Force, and later the United Earth Forces Tactical Space Corps and served as the main offensive punch of the both the early Pioneer and Home Fleets. They saw service across the galaxy in numerous engagements prior to 2029. During the Second Robotech War most of this ships of this class were lost in combat with the Robotech Masters. The arrival of the Invid in 2031 forestalled any fleet rebuilding programs based on the Ardennes since the Robotech Expeditionary Force chose to focus on more specific ships and designs.

Several tens of these vessels served throughout the Solar System on patrol during the occupation.

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