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Ariel, formerly known as Marlene, was a character in Robotech: The New Generation and was voiced by Melanie MacQueen. She originally thought to be an amnesiac survivor of an Invid attack when she joined Scott Bernard's group of freedom fighters. She was actually a stimulagent of the Invid Regess. She eventually regained her memory and identity by the end of the Third Robotech War. She had a relationship with Scott Bernard. Her Invid "siblings", Sera and Corg didn't see eye to eye with her, which led to some conflict throughout the series. She was named Aisha in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Ariel was an Invid, transmogrified to human form, after the Regess determined it was the ultimate life form that could survive Earth. The Regess created her to spy on Scott Bernard's group of freedom fighters, but a mishap accidentally gave her amnesia. She was found, helpless and acting very much like an infant, by a very aroused Rand. She could barely talk and seemed terrified by everything. Scott names her Marlene, after his dead fiancé Marlene Rush, and the group took her in their company. Over the months that followed, Marlene became an integral part of the group as they fought Invid, acting like an early warning device for any incoming Invid forces. The whole time she believed herself to be human. It was a shock to her and the others when it was discovered she was an Invid after she bled green blood.


After Marlene had regained her memory, she confronted the Regess and tried to convince her that what the Invid were doing was as wrong as what the Robotech Masters had done to them. Together with Lancer and Sera, they were able to cause the Regess enough doubt, that she decided to leave Earth. She feared that the shadow of the Robotech Masters was present in humanity, and did not want their corruption to adversely affect her children.

Ariel chose to stay on Earth because by that point, she felt more human than Invid. Although she professed her love to Scott, she was ultimately turned down and left behind. She stayed with her former comrades, Lunk and Annie, to build a new life.

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