Bioroid Scout

Robotech Masters




Mentally controlled Battloid mecha

Technical specifications

6.7 feet (2 meters)


9.1 feet (2.8 meters)


21 feet (6.4 meters)


11.3 tons (dry)

Maximum speed

120 mpg or 192 km/h running

Power plant

Miniature Protoculture reactor


1 x Pulse Beam Disc Gun Pod


1 pilot



Year introduced



Robotech Masters

The Bioroid Scout was recon variant of the standard Bioroid Soldier of the Robotech Masters' forces, and it was featured in Robotech: The Masters.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Bioroid Scouts were faster and more manuverable than the standard Bioroid Soldier, in part due to its lighter frame and slightly more powerful Protoculture reactor. Like most Bioroid models, the Scout was equipped with the "Drum" Plasma gun pod.

The Bioroid Scout would often accompany a standard Bioroid Force (26 Bioroids and a Roil-Tiluvo Landing Frigate) into combat. It was incapable of sustained flight, so it made up for this deficiency via riding on a Skysled.

Control Mechanism

The Bioroid was controlled by a mechanism unique to all Robotech mecha. While Battloids and Battle Pods use input from control sticks and pedals to translate pilot's intent to the mecha, and whereas Power Armors amplify limb movements to the mecha's own limbs, the Bioroid was completely mentally controlled. A series of biological "diodes" implanted into the pilot rerouted brain signals from the pilot's motor nervous system to the Bioroid's, making the Bioroid an extention of the pilot's own body. Because of this, and because of the unique servo system, the Bioroid was extremely difficult to disable without killing or incapacitating the pilot. A side effect of the control system is that when the pilot was improperly removed from the mecha, his/her nervous system could be damaged, and may become completely unresponsive.


Bioroid Scouts were often seeing during the early phases of the Second Robotech War. As time wore on and the Masters stock of Bioroids became depleted, larger groupings of Scouts were organized and deployed in mass against the United Earth Forces. This practice continued until the introduction of the Bioroid Invid Fighter at the time of the United Earth Forces' 2nd Offensive.


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