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Bioroid Skysled
Production information

Auxiliary Craft

Technical specifications

9.4 meters


4.1 meters


4.4 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

416 km/h (atmosphere)


2 x Pulse beam cannons


1 mecha


Robotech Masters

The Skysled was main form of transportation by the Bioroid, the Skysled gave the Robotech Masters’ mecha part of its terrific agility. An inertia-less drive system makes this unprecedented maneuverability possible. Combining this mecha with a Bioroid gave the Robotech Masters the perfect air assault shock troops capable of rapidly seizing a target.


The Skysled also functioned as the main assault platform of the Bioroid. Its twin pulse beam cannons were capable of rapid fire. On rare occasions the Skysled itself could be used as a kamikaze to destroy enemy mecha. Although it wass controlled by a Bioroid operator, the Skysled also had an autonomous drone capable of independent flight. If the operator was killed or his mecha disabled, the Skysled could return to its landing ship and be retrieved for use by another Bioroid.

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