Boquomouxy Quel-Quallie Long Range Recon Vehicle
Production information

Recon Vehicle

Technical specifications

126.7 meters


57.8 meters


29.8 meters

Engine unit(s)

7623-Distsvan protoculture-fueled Reflex furnace cluster

  • 12 x Rotpaen Touwhaug

3 crewmen


1 week


Zentraedi Legion

The Boquomouxy Quel-Quallie Long Range Recon Vehicle, also known as the Cyclops, was a scout craft of the Zentraedi Legion that took part during the First Robotech War.


The Boquomouxy Quel-Quallie was a Zentraedi naval auxiliary with the size of a small earth-based navy frigate. Designed for reconnaissance taskings, the Quel-Quallie had standard a very comprehensive sensor suite. In addition, the vessel had a cargo bay in the belly. This cargo bay could hold a large sensor drone, a recon team of up to five Zentraedi mecha, or a large sensor jammer. The latter payload turned the Quel Quallie into a potent EW craft, capable of completely disrupting the radar functions of large ships, albeit only over a limited section of space.

Beauty is one quality the Quel-Quallie will never be accused of having had. The hull was short relative to its width, and two large main engines pointed to the rear. Two blisters flared out to the sides, containing reaction mass tanks, attitude thrusters, and two large semi-independent telescoping legs mounted on one large 'V' housing. The belly of the craft bulged down around the cargo bay, necessitating a supporting frame when the vessel was docked within a mothership or base. A large radar antenna sat on top of the craft, and could be erected before use.

The Quel-Quallie was used for many duties, ranging from preliminary reconnaissance to permanent surveillance. In addition, the craft was occasionally pressed into supporting offensive operations, either as an EW vehicle or as an assault team transport.

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