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Army of the Southern Cross

I'm not a soldier, really, I'm not.

—Bowie Grant


Bowie Grant was member of the 15th ATAC Squad in the series Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Larry Abaraham. He was a reserved, soft spoken individual, though he often expressed dislike of the military, much to the chagrin of those around him. He was considered a pacifist and loved playing the piano. He was a close friend of Dana Sterling and considered her akin to a sibling. His good friend, Rolf Emerson, took care of him while his parents, Vince Grant and Jean Grant, left to join the Pioneer Mission. He has a a relationship with the alien songstress, Musica. He was originally named Bowie Emerson in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


Bowie Grant was the nephew of Claudia Grant and godson to Rolf Emerson, into whose care he was left when his parents, Vince and Jean Grant, left the Earth with the Robotech Expeditionary Forces. A reluctant graduate of the United Earth Forces Military Academy, Bowie would rather be writing and playing the piano than fighting. He's a big fan of Lynn Minmei and enjoys playing a few of her more popular recordings when he's depressed. While few of Bowie's contemporaries were interested in listening to his whining, Dana Sterling would oftentimes try to cheer him up with fanciful stories about her life.


Love SickEdit

The guy's carrying a torch so bad, he can't even put his shoes on straight!

Sean Phillips to Bowie Grant


Despite being labelled "pacifist", Bowie isn't afraid to throw the first punch.

Bowie was assigned to the 15th ATAC Squad, though he longed to be elsewhere. This has led him into trouble with Global Military Police's (GMP) agent Nova Satori, where he'd be caught sneaking out of his barracks to play piano in the local bar. Dana Sterling was then ordered to keep his ward in check.

While gathering reconnnaisance data within the downed Robotech Masters' flagship, Bowie encountered the mysterious Musica, Mystress of the Cosmic Harp and a fellow musician. This fateful meeting profoundly affected the young man, so much so that he later found difficulty taking out enemy bioroids. As the war progressed, Bowie fell into a deep depression, and longed to be reunited with the alluring green-haired lady.

Final NightmareEdit

When the 15th Squad invaded the Robotech Masters' mothership, Musica fled with the survivors of the Bowie's squad, who then hid her from the Global Military Police. For a brief moment, the two bonded despite knowing very little about each other. Nova Satori, who was placed in charge of the investigation, discovered this plan and proceeded to arrest the offending soldier. Bowie went AWOL with Musica after a jealous Zor Prime turned her in as a enemy spy. The couple end up at SX.83, otherwise known as the ruins of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) where they discover the now blossoming Invid Flower of Life. Musica, in horror, babbles on about the arrival of the Invid on Earth.

During the final phases of the war, Bowie and the 15th Squad attempted to rescue Rolf Emerson, who had been captured by the Robotech Masters. However, Emerson was killed while trying to save Bowie's life. In his dying breath, he tells Bowie how proud he was of him, and that he should learn from humanity's mistakes. Bowie bids him farewell, and proceeed to evacuate the alien vessel to witness the final moments of the Second Robotech War.


After the war, Bowie left the military to be with Musica. They began volunteering for various peace groups and relief operations. The two participated in a number of demonstrations, which were often brutally supressed by the Global Military Police. Musica herself became involved in overseeing the welfare of her people, and they tried their best to warn humanity of the impending arrival of the Invid. Their warnings remained unheeded, right until the Invid Invasion.


While never officially charged, Pvt. 1st Class Bowie Grant violated a number of crimes while in the military, as listed below.

  • AWOL & Resistaning Arrest Related Charges
    • Running away from duty to assist a non-combatant/civilian.
  • False Statements
    • Lying to authorities regarding the identity of a potential enemy spy, namely Musica.
  • Harboring the Enemy
    • While technically Musica may be considered a defector, it does not change the fact that there was a possibility she might've been a double agent at the time. similar to Zor Prime.



Bowie's surname in the original Japanese Southern Cross was Emerson. He was actually the son of Rolf Emerson.

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