Bron, Konda and Rico
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Bron, Konda and Rico were three high ranking Zentraedi officers that were sent aboard the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) as spies to learn about human culture. As they spent time with the humans, they came to like human culture and they especially loved Lynn Minmei's singing. They also partook in human activities such as disco and kissing, concepts that were completely alien to them. Upon their return to Breetai's Command ship, they started contaminating the other Zentraedi officers with the wonders of human culture. They did this by showing the officers human artifacts, and telling them about human society and by making them listen to Minmei's singing. The latter would start a small mutiny among certain officers, who now wished to live with the humans.

During an attack against the SDF-1, Bron, Rico, Konda and many other micronized Zentraedi officers, ask and are given asylum by Captain Henry Gloval. After the Zentraedi Holocaust, they become strong supports of the Robotech Defense Force and worked as dry cleaners and later as toy salesmen in New Macross City. Shortly after the Battle of New Macross City, they fulfilled their lifelong dream to join Lynn Minmei to serve as roadies during her concert. They were originally named Walera, Rori and Konda in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the series which was adapted into the first "saga" of Robotech.

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