Physical characteristics
Average height

12 meters

Feather color


Average lifespan

17 years

The Cha-Cha, also known as the Children of Zor, were small mammalian quadrupeds very similar in nature to dogs. They were first seen in Episode 38: False Start of the Robotech: The Masters, while Dana Sterling was trying to evade the Global Military Police.


The Cha-Cha appeared as a long haired dog about the size of a toy poodle. With a short muzzle, hairless legs, perky feline-like ears and a long fluffy tail, they could be called “cute as a speckled puppy”. A visible canine over bite can give them a somewhat comical look at times. Their coloration tends to be a dark or slate grey.


Not surprisingly, the Cha-Cha are sociable animals similar to domesticated canids in temperament. They are loving to their mates and bond for life. They also become fond of humans and are even sold as pets. They have a grunt and woof that is lower than a canid of similar size. They are not violent and only become so to protect their mates and family (which includes any humans that have adopted them as pets).


These small mammalian quadrupeds were first noticed after the emigration of large numbers of Zentraedi to the Earth’s surface. At first the authorities feared that they might be carriers for any number of extra-terrestrial diseases. The dangers of a worldwide plague carried from space was quite real. Large numbers of them were quarantined until they discovered that in fact the Cha-Cha had an engineered immune systems that not only destroyed any diseases in the semi-canid’s blood stream but also prevented the spread of disease to other species. How this had been achieved was not quite clear enough to Earth’s medical scientists to replicate for Earth fauna.


A Cha-cha wandering the streets of Monument City.

After a while, with the rise in space traffic, it was discovered that the little beasts loved living near the space ports. They assumed a niche in the Earth’s newest ecology without seriously disrupting the local flora or fauna. They ultimately proved to be useful guardians of the space ports because they killed or drove away any number of pests and vermin. The local roach population at space ports took a nose dive. Eventually, those that had been quarantined were allowed to live near the space ports on the planet.

It was revealed by a number of Zentraedi that they had in fact adopted many of these canids as pets themselves. While this seems rather at odds with the emotionless state that many attribute to the Zentraedi the reality is in fact different. Though the Zentraedi didn’t have a word for love they had developed the concept of loyalty. It was from these Zentraedi who emigrated that the Cha-Cha became known to humans as The Children of Zor. When Ambassador Exedore was asked how this name came about, he simply shrugged and remarked “Who knows. That is what they have always been known as and the how’s and why’s were never important to the Zentraedi.”


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