Classic Robotech defines works prior to 2000.

Classic Robotech is this wiki's personal classification for any Robotech spinoff material produced prior to 2000. This includes the Jack McKinney Novelizations, animated spinoffs such as Robotech II: The Sentinels, and the plethora of comic adaptations produced throughout this period. Seeing as many of these works spun off to were their own alternate universes and timelines, it seemed only appropriate to refer to these early works as "classics".

Notes of the EditorEdit

  • Any works prior to 2000 were referred to officially by Harmony Gold USA as "Secondary Continuity". It felt more appropriate to define these works of a bygone age as "Classic Robotech".
  • This wiki does not aim to be a comprehensive list of all Robotech spinoffs and merchandise, so works produced after 2000 will not be listed in this wiki.

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