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Comico: The Comic Company was an American comic book publisher, headquartered in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Its best-known comics include the Robotech adaptations, the Jonny Quest continuation written by co-creator Doug Wildey, and Matt Wagner's Mage: The Hero Discovered and Grendel. Once considered a major contender on the American market, Comico went into bankruptcy in 1990, although it continued to sporadically publish books until 1997. In 2009, two of Comico's original founders launched an original webcomics site called CO2 Comics, which they claim is the reincarnation of Comico.

Robotech AdaptationEdit

Comico's Robotech comics consisted almost entirely of adaptations of the Robotech TV episodes, released alongside or just after their TV airings. Rather than releasing them sequentially, they released all three series at once. Of the 85 TV episodes, only "Dana's Story" was not directly adapted; it was later re-published in an expanded graphic novel. The main reason for this was not to provide spoilers for the outcome of The Macross Saga.

The Robotech: The Graphic Novel was not based on any TV episodes, but instead provided a backstory for some elements of the TV series. The events of the Graphic Novel also were depicted in the first Robotech novel, written by James Luceno and Brian Daley, under the pseudonym Jack McKinney.

Completed SeriesEdit

  • The Macross Saga
  • Masters Special (lengthened adaptation of "Dana's Story")
  • The Masters
  • The New Generation
  • Robotech: The Graphic Novel (prequel)

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