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Various Communication Satellites were used by the Army of the Southern Cross to maintain contact with the deep space forces of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. It was seen briefly in Robotech: The Masters.



The Robotech Masters take out Earth's link to the rest of the Robotech Defenders in deep space.

These Deep Space Sensor Relay provided sensors aimed at the outer solar system to assist with detecting anomalies and fold phenomenon. Earlier iterations of these sensors helped identify the arrival of Breetai's fleet in search of the lost alien battlefortress.

During the later years of the Reconstruction Era, the United Earth Forces' Communications Satellites provided relays to Space Station Liberty and the Moon bases, as well as intercontinental communication relays. Their destruction by the Robotech Masters fleet heralded the beginning of the Second Robotech War.

The Radar Satellites provided deep space detection capabilities to search for approaching ships and celestial bodies.

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