Musica was known as the 'Mistress of the Cosmic Harp'.

The Cosmic Harp was a special instrumental device used by the Robotech Masters' muses to pacify and maintain control of their civilization.


Among the more bizarre outgrowths of Robotech science was the control methods of the Robotech Masters. Designed to pacify their android soldiers and Bioroid pilots, the Cosmic Harp was the main instrument of a Muse Triplet. The operator herself was given the title Mistress of the Cosmic Harp and she and her sisters were considered part of the Clone Master caste (just above that of the Science caste). Each of the city-ships of the Robotech Masters had but a single Muse Triplet and their instruments. Operation by a fully trained Muse was relatively simple as she had to but move her hands across waves of light in certain patterns to create the melody.

In order to control their warriors, the Masters implanted special cybernetics that responded to the sonic frequencies emitted by the instruments. Broadcast from the city-ship, these “melodies” were relayed through the landing craft to the Bioroid pilots. These frequencies allowed for the Bioroid pilot’s mind to remain focused on the task and not become distracted by unwanted stimuli (such as fear or misplaced elation) and overrode the natural functions of adrenaline and serotonin so that they could be harvested at the opportune time. This all-assuming control was what lead many in the United Earth Forces to the erroneous conclusion that the Bioroid pilots were essentially animated zombies.

Unfortunately for the United Earth Forces, their best minds were never able to crack open the exact algorithms necessary to negate this potent weapon. Through battlefield happenstance, their soldiers learned that the control mechanism on the landing craft could be damaged but this usually lead to a hasty , but organized, retreat by the Masters’ forces.


Among many of the causes for their loss of the Second Robotech War was the defection of the Fleet Mistress of the Cosmic Harp Musica due to contamination by human emotion. Without her overall guidance (being the eldest and most powerful of the Muses at the time), many of the Bioroids lacked a great deal of their control. As cloning and training a new Muse Triplet would have taken an order of years (as opposed to fast grown or captured/reprocessed clones) it was simply a blow that the Masters could not fully recover from in time to end the war.


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