The Cyclone was one of the most innovative design in multiform mecha since the renovation of the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1). The most recent series of wars on Earth and in deep space taught the military high commands that basic infantry units suffered great liabilities: they were relatively slow compared to armor and mecha, and they were too vulnerable to even the smallest weapons. The Robotech Defense Force (RDF) made the first step towards improving the state of infantry combat with the introduction of the its first hard armor, the CVR-1 and various power armor types. The latter met with some success, but it became apparent that a man-sized mecha would be of invaluable use to the infantryman as a weapons platform, as would a personal vehicle. The Robotech Research Group fulfilled this desire with the first generation Cyclone series, a Veritech motorcycle that attached itself to a slightly modified version of the CVR hard armor. It never saw full production however, and only a handful were made, known as the Hargun, prior to the Zentraedi Holocaust.


Adopted in 2032 by the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) Marines and Army as their primary infantry vehicle, and as security mecha and an emergency vehicle for downed pilots by the Navy and Air Force branches of the various deep space bases, this small, nimble mecha has seen service on hundreds of worlds and all theaters of engagement. Prior to this, the Cyclone was available in more limited numbers, mainly for use in special forces units, and several hundred were brought to Earth with Task Force Odysseus of Mars Base in 2030, shortly before the Invid Invasion.

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