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Defender-class Guided Missile Light Cruiser

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Defender-class Guided Missile Light Cruiser
Production information

Light Missile Cruiser

Technical specifications

286.5 meters


81.7 meters


52 meters

Fold capable


  • 1 x double barreled rail gun at base of command tower
  • 1 x double barreled beam cannon forward of the rail gun
  • 11 x single barreled beam cannon
  • 4 x 10-tube vertical missile launchers on the side sponsons, for a total of 160 missiles
  • 4 x 2 barreled point defense turrets
  • 325 x crew
  • 230 x pilots

4 months




Defender-class Guided Missile Little Cruiser was part of the "Battle" series of cruisers that served under the United Earth Forces. It was a subclass of Nelson-class Light Cruiser and a lighter variant of the Geneva-class Battlecruiser. Built to aid in the repelling of future Zentraedi incursions, the Defender was quick, and posed a surprising threat in the battlefield. It was however, somewhat inadequate in dealing with the technologically advanced forces of the Robotech Masters during the Second Robotech War.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Defender-class was built as a derivative to the popular "Battle" series of cruisers, and was a subclass of the popular Nelson-class Light Cruiser. It served a minor role with the early Expeditionary Forces in deep space as it fired support against incoming enemies.

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