FL-200 Mastiff High Altitude Interceptor
Technical specifications

10.8 meters


7.5 meters


3.2 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

Mach 5.5

Engine unit(s)

Roi Choi variable cycle chemical afterburning hypervelocity turbojets

  • Elettronica Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)
  • Westinghouse ALQ-200 active radar jammer
  • 1 x Mauser RoV-5 laser cannon
  • 178mm AIM-120C Scorpion long range missiles

Robotech Defense Force

The FL-200 Mastiff High Altitude Interceptor was a specially designed fighter craft of the Robotech Defense Force.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

This limited production run fighter/interceptor was displayed on the tarmac during the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) launching ceremonies. This fighter was the first production fighter to use laser armament, hence the 'L' included in the designation, with a protoculture-powered laser cannon replacing the integral gunpod previously contained in fighters. With the mass production of the VF-1A Valkyrie and destroid series, the 'L' designation was dropped on future models to reduce the proliferation of nomenclature.

This small lifting body fighter contained an internal weapons bay for aerodynamics and stealth considerations capable of holding four missiles to complement the laser cannon. The problematic laser cannon and limited missile payload kept the Mastiff from a large production run and the introduction of the Ghost and Valkyrie fighters supplanted this utility of this interceptor.


The skin of the Mastiff was composed of treated steel plate. The skin provided excellent protection against small grenade and shell fragments, good protection against small arms fire, and poor resistance to heavier infantry weapons, such as the 12.7mm machinegun round, as well as from fragments and near misses from higher caliber weapons.

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