The Fall of the Southern Cross was the intermediate conflict that followed the Second Robotech War prior to the Invid Invasion. Following Zor Prime in the final days of the war, the enemy humanity once thought defeated, the Robotech Masters Remnant, has risen once again. Complications arise as reinforcements from deep space arrive, but even they have their own motives for helping the beleaguered forces of Earth.



Monument City lies in ruins.

The Second Robotech War ended with no winners. In his final act, Zor Prime failed to destroy the protoculture, instead spreading the spores of the Invid Flower of Life across the planet.

The Army of the Southern Cross was now battered and decimated, while the Robotech Masters were literally adrift and powerless, with their leaders having been killed off and their protoculture matrix completely exhausted.

With Supreme Commander Eli Anatole Leonard and many senior officers perishing in the Battle of Monument City, the situation threatens to fall into disarray and strong leadership was needed. General Dennis Ashton Maistroff was summoned out of retirement to become Supreme Commander, and take lead of earth's weakened defenses.




Supreme Commander Maistroff taking command of the surviving United Earth Forces.

Following action in several skirmishes to put down remaining pockets of Robotech Masters resistance, the 15th Squadron and other surviving military units were reorganized as the mission became redefined. Dana Sterling was promoted to Major, and reassigned to the Supreme Commander’s senior staff. Though the position holds great responsibility, it took Dana away from her beloved 15th ATAC Squad. For his meritorious conduct and valor in the final offensive against the Robotech Masters, Sean Phillips’ commission was restored, and he was placed in command of the 15th Squadron.

Lt. Phillips’ promotion was paralleled by Lt. Col. Marie Crystal, who was now named Air Wing Commander. Dennis Brown was also promoted to Major and commands a squadron of his own. With Alan Fredericks promoted to Brigadier General in command of the Global Military Police, Nova Satori was also promoted to Major. She commanded forces that are now pressed to compensate for a collapsing social order among the human population on Earth, now made worse by an escalating humanitarian crisis.

Bowie Grant’s wish to leave the military was approved by Maj. Sterling, and was persuaded to be a civilian liaison with the refugees of the Robotech Masters. Now without their leadership and unable to function independently, the refugees that have survived to reach Earth now find themselves homeless in the galaxy. Together with his lover, Musica, they attempted to bridge the gap between the increasingly desperate refugees and a wary and hostile human populace seething from the still smoldering ruins of their cities.

Cost of WarEdit

The victory against the Robotech Masters had been a costly one in terms of lives and resources. Wyatt Moran’s pro-military government had fallen out of favor, and pacifists have gained popular support in the wake of all the destruction. Warnings that the coming of the Invid were all but ignored, as even the attack wing from the Expeditionary Force confirms the existence of a hostile force, but cannot guarantee when, or even if, that force would ever attack.

Masters No MoreEdit


Robotech Masters refugees numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

Though the power of the triumvirate has been broken, the people they left behind were incapable of independent thought and direction, and the human concepts of freedom and self-determination were utterly ‘alien’ to them. Now, a battered Earth now saw hundreds of thousands of refugees desperate for basic needs. The human populace, who are attempted to look after their own sick and wounded, were in no mood to help their former enemies. Though people on both sides literally tried to bridge the considerable gaps, the situation was a tinderbox just ready to be ignited.

Unable to neutralize the remaining Masters’ military forces, the United Earth Forces found themselves still under threat as the enemy reorganized under the leadership of Gallus, one of their surviving War Master Triumvirate. As time went on, they begun discovering new techniques to harvest the Flower of Life and harness its raw power. Unlike the humans, who were distracted by their own recovery efforts, the Masters knew that they must gain the upper hand if they were to withstand the imminent arrival of the Invid. But they will need reinforcements to achieve their plan.

Return of the GiantsEdit

Zentraedi Force

The Zentraedi forces under the Masters' command.

Following the Army of the Southern Cross’ successful suppression of the rebellion over a decade ago, the former Zentraedi warriors who had settled on Earth were given the choice to remain forever on Earth in micronized form, or to return to space with the Robotech Expeditionary Force. Many returned to the stars, though some stayed and assimilated into human society as best they could. That integration has dulled, but not completely nullified, the Zentraedis’ lust for combat. That imperative has remained dormant since the destruction of Dolza’s fleet, but it has never been completely nullified. The Masters must try to restore the imperative among their former slave soldiers for their plans to succeed.

A Heroes' ReturnEdit

Colonel Jonathan Wolfe and a group of hand-picked members of the Wolf Pack lead the 1st Special Assault Force that returned to Earth to assist the Army of the Southern Cross in their fight against the Robotech Masters. Their mission was to be an advance force to head off the Invid invasion that they believe is imminent. Their job was to urge the evacuation of Earth.


United Earth Forces surround the wreckage of the SDF-1.

There was mistrust as the ASC didn't want to abandon Earth. Wolfe and other REF commanders made their case, promising that the REF was planning a major counterattack once the Invid land, as the initial Invid attack would completely overwhelm what remains of the ASC defenses. The ASC resented being told that they were incapable of defending the planet. It was clear that within the ten or so years since the Pioneer Mission began, two distinct human societies have developed, with neither very trusting of the other.

Things take a turn when a large fleet from deep space arrive, commanded by Commodore Nolan Benson. He presented himself to ASC's Supreme Command, but relations between the two forces continued to remain frosty. With both sides unwilling to cooperate, Benson set about with his orders to quietly seize whatever valuable research and data his forces could get their hands on that related to the war with the Robotech Masters. They searched for anything that could help the war effort in deep space. The biggest prize however, was the Protoculture Factory Matrix, which had been salvaged and put under lockdown by the Global Military Police.

Masters' CounterattackEdit


The Zentraedi are unleashed.

For months, Gallus quietly built up his forces, developing new weapons of war that harnessed his new supply of crude protoculture. His spy network proivded him with intelligence on the enemy's troop and supply movements.

After determining the location of the Protoculture Factory Matrix, Gallus activates his Zentraedi army, and sends them out to take on the unsuspecting ASC forces. With the Earth forces distracted, Gallus personally leads a strike team to the Ruins of the SDF-1 to claim their prize. As his forces close in on the Matrix's location within the site's massive silos, a large explosion occurs, killing much of the Masters forces within the area. It turnd out that the Matrix was no longer there, and had been already been loaded on one of the REF's transport cruisers. Gallus survived his failed attack, and retreated to lick his wounds. The Zentraedi task force is soon put down as well, thanks to the quick action by the air cavalry provided by Cmdr. Marie Crystal.

Invid InvasionEdit

A large energy anomaly tears its way towards Earth. Deep space observation and patrol fleets track this strange phenomena, but are too slow to stop it. The ASC, desperate to stop this new alien incursion, send out fleets to meet this new threat head-on. Many ships stand their ground, but are quickly vaporized in the energy beam's wake. Citizens panics throughout the planet, and the government orders a full-scale planetary evacuation.

The Invid Invasion has begun, which prompts the Third Robotech War.

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