Fokker Field
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United Earth Government


Second Robotech War

Fokker Field was home to the United Earth Command’s 1st Tactical Air Force Aerospace Wing, including the famous Black Lions Fighter Squadron. Fokker Field was just one airfield attached to the larger Donald Hayes Air/Space Base that served all of the United Earth Forces. For the subsurface berthing, an anti-grav platform was created sized to hold a ship of the appropriate class. Once the ship was settled on the platform, it could be moved into position and even elevated to a 45 degree angle to aid in standard takeoffs.


The base suffered immense damage from a Bioroid attack early in the Second Robotech War (Fokker and Dixon Fields especially). In the late stages, it served as one of the staging areas for the 1st and 2nd Offensives.

The arrival of the Invid spelled destruction for Fokker Field as well as the rest of Hayes Base. One of the first targets to feel the wrath of the Invid upon their landing, the soldiers at Fokker Field managed to delay the inevitable long enough for numerous civilian and military personnel to flee the Earth in transport shuttles.


  • 1,500 staff members
  • 600 air group
  • 3,000 troops and other personnel.

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