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Fred Perry is an American comic book artist and writer, currently working at Antarctic Press. He's a well known as author and artist of manga style comics. While he has worked on a number of alternate history fiction comics, the series he is best known for is Gold Digger, a long-running manga style comic which debuted in Antarctic Press's anthology comic, "Mangazine", in 1991. A four-issue miniseries followed in 1992, and a regular monthly black-and-white series followed starting in 1993. The current color series began in 1999 and has continued since to become the second-longest-running solo created title in the industry. He has also worked on several other titles produced by the publishing company Antarctic Press, collaborating with other writers and artists on many of them. He has experimented with producing animation, both traditional and flash-based. He has also had successful Kickstarter projects to commemorate Gold Digger. He is best known among many Robotech fans for illustrating the excellent Robotech: Rolling Thunder, and making a number of contributions for Eternity's Robotech comics.


In an interview, Fred explained that he came up with the idea of Gold Digger while I was in Saudi Arabia, just after they liberated Kuwait in 1991's Desert Storm. While stationed in his mechanized combat engineer unit, and with little else to do besides daily maintenance and upkeep, he started making some good-girl art and traded his fellow Marines in his section. His driver in his unit suggested that when he got back to the United States, that he start making good-girl art comics. That's when he started toying with the idea of a comic that featured strong women, with interesting personalities.

He has had extensive experience playing table top role-playing games prior to being in the Marines. He and his brothers threw dice constantly. From that, he gained the basics of what it takes to create a motivated character. A character who could make decisions based on what that character wants. He also learned about inserting conflicts into a story from those early days. He stated that "The best conflicts for both NPC and PC characters were about what the character wanted vs what the character needed."

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