Geneva-class Guided Missile Battlecruiser
Production information


Technical specifications

286.5 meters


81.7 meters


52 meters

Fold capable


  • 1 x double barreled rail gun at base of command tower
  • 1 x double barreled beam cannon forward of the rail gun
  • 11 x single barreled beam cannon
  • 4 x 10-tube vertical missile launchers on the side sponsons, for a total of 160 missiles
  • 4 x 2 barreled point defense turrets
  • 325 x crew
  • 230 x pilots

4 months




Geneva-class Guided Missile Battlecruiser was a later model of the popular "Battle" series of cruisers of the United Earth Forces. It was a subclass of Nelson-class Light Cruiser and a a heavier variant of the Defender-class Light Cruiser. It specialized in dealing with Zentraedi incursion, though it struggled in dealing with the nimble forces of the Robotech Masters.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Geneva-class was an Earth built capital ship capable of fold travel, and although only a few were built, it did help round out the fleets of the United Earth Forces during the latter years of the Reconstruction Era. Like its Nelson-class brethren,The side sponsons house two engines each, as well as the two double fighter bays and the a launch pad. The hull had one launch/recovery shute for mecha, halfway down the hull, serving another double hangar. These bays can hold 4 squadrons for 48 mecha total with room for a few other craft in the EF vessels, or, due to the smaller size of their fighters, 6 squadrons for a total of 72 mecha in some SC configurations. The bridge was located in a spade-shaped deck atop a low tower on the upper main hull. The vessel can hold several Special Forces squads, and these ships often held such forces during the recon operations immediately prior to the departure of the final EF deployments.


The first Geneva-class cruisers featured heavilly the the later reconnaissance missions into deep space. While the Geneva functioned well in the Expeditionary Forces during their searches, it struggled in dealing with the forces of the Robotech Masters during the Second Robotech War. The Southern Cross and many of the Expeditionary Force cruisers suffered extremely heavy losses, as can be seen in the fates of the individual ships. This was due mostly to the vastly more advanced technologies used by the Robotech Masters.

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