Gloval recording his groundbreaking initiative.

The Gloval Initiative, a special doctrine drawn up by Admiral Henry Gloval, with special input from the Robotech Research Group shortly after the Zentraedi Holocaust and during the Reconstruction Era. It laid out the framework for humanity to leave its cradle of Earth to search for the the Robotech Masters' homeworld, and neutralize their capacity for war. The mission also called for deep space colonization, otherwise known as the Earth Long Term Colonization and Space Habitation Plan, to aid this massive reconnaisance and military operation. During the mission, they also hoped to uncover the secrets of Protoculture, a scarce resource that powered Robotech machinery. This would become one of the most important plans ever drafted in all of human history, and would be the basis for the Pioneer Mission and Expeditionary Mission.


The time has come for us to leave our cradle behind -- to go forth and claim our place in outer space. That's our assignment... to follow the trail of the Robotech forces into outer space and to try to find their home planet. Mankind's survival depends on us. The human race couldn't survive another holocaust like the last one. That is why I intend to make the battlefield on their own planet. We'll find it, and destroy their capacity to make war.

—Captain Henry Gloval



Gloval detailing his plans to his trusted cabinet.

Shortly after the Zentraedi Holocaust, Captain Henry Gloval considered humanity's precarious position in the universe. Reports that Zentraedi ships that refused to settle on Earth had begun their return to their Robotech overlords. Gloval knew, that if humanity were to survive in the long-term, it needed to spread out beyond the solar system. This prompted him to begin drafting his groundbreaking initative. The Gloval Initiative was split into several objectives, which ranged from reconnaisance, to combat, to deep space colonization. Their primary objective was to search for the Robotech Masters' homeworld, and neutralize their capacity for war, thus ensuring peace and security for humanity. An new generation of space vessels would be needed, built specifically to endure the rigors of deep space. The plan also called forth the construction of self-sustaining colony ships, intended to replace the current retrofitted Zentraedi battlecruisers.

The newly re-established United Earth Government was very impressed with Gloval's proposal, and were receptive to his recommendation that Lisa Hayes be promoted to Captain of the SDF-2, which was set to be completed in late 2014. Plans had been drawn up and vast quantities of resources were redirected to execute this grand operation. Secrecy was paramount as the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) did not want to draw any unwanted attention from potential threats to disrupt their operation. The initial plan centered around the construction of the Super Dimension Fortress 2 Megalord, along with several new vessels including the Tokugawa-class Battleship. However, the increase in Zentraedi unrest made matters incredibly difficult, as renegade forces tended to target high-value locations such as shipyards and fuel refineries.


In 2014, Khyron had managed to restore his ship with the intention of leaving Earth to rejoin the Robotech Masters. Before his departure, he went on a detour seeking revenge by destroying the SDF-1, which led to the final Battle of New Macross City. Khyron's suicide attack resulted in the tragic deaths of Henry Gloval and most of his bridge staff aboard the SDF-1. In the end, both the SDF-1 and the newly completed SDF-2 were destroyed. The loss of the mission's architect and their new flagship was a huge blow, and many speculated the mission would be set back for several years. In the wake of these tragic events, the UEG began salvaging the wreckage. The ruins of the SDF-1 interred at SX.83 (SX Point 83), while the SDF-2 and Khyron's ship were stored and scrapped elsewhere.

Pioneer MissionEdit

The months that followed the Battle on New Macross City were particularly difficult period for the mission. The vacuum left by the loss of Henry Gloval, was the entire reorganization of the RDF. Proposals of a new body, the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF), was considered and would later be approved as the mission moved forward. Lisa Hayes was appointed Admiral to oversee the execution of the operation, along with her Joint Chiefs, which included Thomas Riley Edwards.

The mission was redefined as the Pioneer Mission, and in the last months of 2014, the first Terran-made Tokugawa-class ship, Recon-1, was finally launched. Later months saw the redevelopment of the Robotech Factory Satellite, which until that point, had been permanently damaged and inoperative in several key sections such as its manufacturing wing. The satellite was broken up and redeveloped as deep space station Liberty, Independence and Glory. They would serve as waystations and forward bases for the forces currently operating beyond the solar system. Moon Base Luna was rebuilt to serve as their primary link to Liberty, and to act as observation post in case of impending threats such as space pirates. The mission's flagship, the Super Dimension Fortress-3 Pioneer was finally completed and launched, along with the bulk of the remaining Expeditionary fleet, in 2022.

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