Grand Cannon
General information




  • Alaska
  • South America

United Earth Government


First Robotech War

The only thing a war-like power understands is a demonstration of even greater power!

—Admiral Donald Hayes, United Earth Command

The Grand Cannon was a massive, underground cannon that harnessed the gravitational forces of the Earth as a power source. It was originally designed by Admiral Donald Hayes, with approval from the United Earth Government shortly after an alien battlefortress crash landed on Macross Island, to combat future alien incursions. Donald Hayes was optimistic of the cannon's capabilities to put Earth at an advantage in case aliens decided to negotiate peace terms.

Northern Grand CannonEdit

The Grand Cannon based in Alaska, was completed in early 2012. It managed to only fire once against the Zentraedi's Grand Fleet before being destroyed in the ensuing bombardment. Donald Hayes was killed during the attack.

Other Uncompleted Grand CannonsEdit

It was reported that more than one Grand Cannon was constructed.

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