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Henry gloval

Henry J. Gloval was a Russian officer and statesment of the Robotech Defense Force, and was featured in Robotech: The Macross Saga, and voiced by Greg Finley. He was originally a subordinate of Donald Hayes during the Global War. He later served as the Captain aboard the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross. Prior to his untimely death during the Battle of New Macross City, he drafted an Initative that laid the groundwork a massive deep space operation, which became the basis for the Pioneer Mission and Expeditionary Mission. He was known as Bruno J. Global in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the series which was adapted into the first "saga" of Robotech.


The Robotech Defense Force couldn’t have found a more capable person to command the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross than Henry J. Gloval. Resolute and determined, the veteran Russian naval officer was the consensus choice of the United Earth Government to oversee the reconstruction of the immense alien battlefortress that crash-landed on Macross Island. He was generally well-liked and respected by his peers due to his warm and almost fatherly nature.


Early CareerEdit

Gloval was a leading figure among Earth’s military, and his unblemished reputation allowed him to reach consensus among fellow military officers around the world. Among his key supporters was Donald Hayes, who had been both ally in the past.

For ten years, Gloval marshaled the resources of the entire planet to rebuild the battlefortress. It was only natural that Gloval was appointed as commander of the Earth’s first Super Dimension Fortress. When the Zentraedi arrived to reclaim their lost ship, Gloval launched the SDF-1 into the First Robotech War.

First Robotech WarEdit

Gloval’s leadership was crucial during the SDF-1’s voyage back to Earth. His experience and calm amid the unbearable tensions made him an inspirational leader for the thousands of soldiers and officers under his command. In particular, he emerged as an admired father figure among the all-female bridge crew.


He was killed in action, along with his bridge crew, during the Battle of New Macross City. The announcement of his death affected much of the surviving population on Earth. His legacy could be seen in the Gloval Initiative, a massive space exploration and colonization operation that would become the basis for the Pioneer Mission and Expeditionary Mission. A memorial was erected in his honor in Monument City.


In the original Macross, Bruno J. Global was not Russian, but Italian.

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