Invid sympathizers raiding a home to check for soldiers in hiding.

Invid Collaborators, sometimes referred to as Invid Sympathizers, were elements of the defeated population of Earth that co-operated with the Invid occupation forces.  Invid collaborationism could be subdivided into servile and ideological; the former was a deliberate service to the Invid, whereas the latter was a deliberate advocacy of co-operation with the Invid forces, usually in exchange for security or a steady supply of protoculture cells. Some of these collaborationists committed the worst crimes and atrocities of the Third Robotech War, particularly during the first few years that followed the Invid Invasion. Hundreds of surviving members of the United Earth Forces, Robotech Expeditionary Forces and local resistance forces were turned over to Invid authorities by Invid sympathizers. Soldiers that were caught were either forced to work at a Protoculture Farm or sent away to be experimented on in a vivisection chamber of an Invid Hive

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