Invid Enforcer



Heavy Assault

Technical specifications

5.5 meters


5.8 meters


6.2 meters


26.5 tons

Maximum speed
  • 725 km/h atmosphere
  • 112 km/h running
Engine unit(s)

2 x IE-4 plasma-shock expansion engines

Power plant

1 x Protoculture cell energizer


1 pilot





The Invid Enforcer, scientifically known as the Gamo, was a heavy assault bio-mecha of the Invid, and was featured in Robotech: The New Generation.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Gamo was clearly a descendent of the same Invid development thinking as the Iigaa and the Gurab. The overall design was crablike, although the Gamo had fixed cannons rather than hardpoints. The cannons mounted were high capacity laser cannons, with two small pulse cannons tucked under the chin of the mecha. The armor protection was thick and well rounded to aid in deflecting incoming rounds. The Gamo's usefulness was occasionally higher than that of the Gosu battloid; the Gamo can, for instance, bring more firepower to bear on a target than the more nimble Gosu.


The armor of the Enforcer was composed of a composite of metals, ceramics, and organics unique to Invid manufacture. Research continues into the composition of this material, though results from X-ray crystallography, NMR, and mass spectroscopy studies remain classified. The armor stops all small arms, heavy infantry weapons fire, and light mecha-mounted weaponry, and provided fair to good resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Valkyrie's 55mm APFSDS round. In addition, the armor is highly sloped, and rounds that hit at oblique angles are very likely to glance off it without penetrating.

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