Invid Hive
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Third Robotech War

An Invid Hive was a massive complex that served as a research, intelligence and military outpost for the Invid. The largest of this was a network of hives known as Reflex Point, which spanned several kilometers apart and also served as the home of the Invid Regess. Hives were often very well defended, usually able to carry a sizeable force of Invid Scouts and Shock Troopers. Hives also possessed a special Protoplex Energy Barrier Hive Shields, which was incredibly difficult to break through. It was only after the discovery of the Shield Destabilizer were able to bring down these defensive countermeasures. Hives were often considered high value targets of local resistance forces, though few if ever suceeded without bringing in heavy artillery and support.


During the Invid Invasion, the Invid Regess brought her entire race to Earth via a large beam of pure energy. As she made her way to conquer every bit of territory on the planet that possessed a high concentration of the Flower of Life, she began setting up Hives.

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