Invid Invasion

Jack McKinney

Cover artist

David Schleinkofer

Publication information

Del Rey

Release date

September 12, 1987





Preceded by

Before the Invid Storm

Followed by


Invid Invasion is a novel written by Jack McKinney, and released on July 12, 1987. The novel follows the events of The Third Robotech War and features Scott Bernard as he forms a rag-tag group of freedom fighters to do battle with the Invid horde. The book was first published by Del Rey.


Publisher's SummaryEdit

The Invid Regis had succeeded where the Zentraedi and their Robotech Masters had failed. She had driven her warrior horde across the far reaches of space to lay claim to the galaxy's last supply of the Flower of Life and its all-precious offspring, Protoculture.

Earth was conquered, occupied; and it was up to the space-weary veterans of the Expeditionary Force to retake the planet-a world most of them had never seen. Only no one had foreseen the disastrous defeat that would greet the first wave, or the miserable welcome in store for its few and sorry heroes.

But Lieutenant Scott Bernard had survived both, and it was now his mission, as well as his personal pledge, to reach and destroy the Invid hive dubbed Reflex Point. He would soon have a ragtag bond of freedom fighters at his side, but before them were thousands of miles of travel through hostile territory on...The Long Road Ahead!


Plot SummaryEdit


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