Invid ShockGuy
Invid Shock Trooper



Shock Trooper

Technical specifications

3.6 meters


3.2 meters


4.4 meters


10 tons

Maximum speed

480 km/h running

Power plant

IME-1 vectorable thruster port


2 x IHG-3 plasma pulse cannon


1 pilot





The Invid Shock Trooper, scientifically known as the Gurab, was a heavily-armed variant of the standard infantry bio-mecha of the Invid, and was seen in Robotech: The New Generation. It's predecessor was the standard Invid Trooper.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Gurab Shock Trooper was the heavier, more evolved version to the Invid Trooper. After years fighting on Earth, the Gurab was "evolved" into having additional firepower and armor protection. A very odd feature of the Gurab were the pincers and claws on its hands and feet. An anachronism in the age of ranged combat, these make the Gurab lethal within grappling range. Of course, many Gurab never got to within grappling range of their human opponents.

Compared to their probably designed opponents, the Regult Battle Pod, the Gurab's advantage lay in mobility and armor protection. The Regult Battle Pod could give off heavier barrages, but the armament of the Gurab was more than sufficient to deal with the Zentraedi mecha. However, other Zentraedi mecha, such as the cavalry and commando power armors (Nousjedeul-Ger and the Queadluun-Rau, outclassed the Gurab. In any event, the Gurab came into service when the Zentraedi were dying, and rarely faced its designated opponents.

Against human mecha, the Gurab Shock Trooper had an even larger advantage over infantry battle armor such as the Cyclone. The Gurab was faster, better armed, and better armored. In addition, its' sensor system was far superior, and while Gurab could ambush Cyclone infantry with its ranged plasma weapons, the reverse was extremely unlikely. Against the larger human mecha, such as the extraordinary Alpha fighter, the Gurab had a slight advantage, allowing them to repel the various reclamation forces that arrived on Earth over the years.


The armor of the Trooper was composed of a composite of metals, ceramics, and organics unique to Invid manufacture. Research continued into the composition of this material, though results from X-ray crystallography, NMR, and mass spectroscopy studies remain classified. The armor stopped all small arms and heavy infantry weapons fire, provides good resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Zentraedi 22.3mm HE autocannon round, and poor resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Valkyrie's 55mm APFSDS round. The armor on the forearms was substantially superior, and stopped all small arms and heavy infantry weapons fire, provides good resistance to light mecha-mounted weaponry, and fair resistance to medium mecha-mounted weaponry.

The IMTR-1VS sensor eye was highly susceptible to damage, as any hit there will disable the mecha by killing the pilot. All Invid mecha provided full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using a sealed overpressure cockpit environment.


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