Jesshea Jessica and Jessinno
Jesshea,Jessica and Jessinno
Biographical information



No data


No data, but escaped from
the Azashar-class Cityship

Physical description

Robotech Masters
(Civilian,Doctor of Medical Science )




No data


No data

Hair color

Orange, Medium Blue and Purple Pink

Eye color


Skin color

Pale fresh



Chronological and political information

2nd Generation



Jesshea, Jessica and Jessinno was a Robotech Master triumvirate that first appeared in Dana in Wonderland.

Original SourceEdit

The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross

The main stuff Naoko Shoji ( 庄司 菜穂子 ), she designated their each first name as Doctor of Medical Science, Jesshea Jessica and Jessinno .

Robotech Masters Edit

They first appeared in Episode 55, "Dana In Wonderland"

The 2nd generation film "Robotech Masters", though were given no name during the series.

Secondary ContinuityEdit

Comico Jesshea,Jessica and Jessinno

Comico: The Comic Company Robotech Masters Volume 18, page 09 - Dana In Wonderland.gif

Comico: The Comic Company

Comico: The Comic Company published Robotech Masters 18: Dana in Wonderland in Aggust 1987. The same plot about the films.

Jack Mckinney's novel

James Luceno and Brian Daley , Jack McKinney 's novel, the chapter 11 wrote as follows: They judged the deviation degree the person standard which was in expression form of feelings after having performed "a medical examination" of private "Sean Philip" and they found it out with an enemy and reported it to a Zor's government officers.

Famous female Robotech Big Name Fan (BNF) , Laurel H Long , said as follows:

Actually there is only one name mentioned in the novel: Spreella . No clues about the other two.

Quote the chapter 11 (PDF, page number 49)

I cannot wait to sanitize myself," Spreella said, pulling off her robes, from the pollution of contact with them." All three undressed, to the ATACs' vast interest, and lay down on beds.

Gallery Edit

External refference link

The ZOR ( ゾル人 , original term for Tirolian for Japanese language) - Wikipedia

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