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Jim Austin, nicknamed Lunk, was a member of Scott Bernard's freedom fighters during the Third Robotech War in Robotech: The New Generation, and was voiced by Richard Epcar. Lunk was originally a soldier of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, fighting both the Robotech Masters and the Invid on Earth. He gave up arms shortly after the Invid Invasion, considering himself a coward after abandoning his comrade in battle. His signature vehicle was a jeep. He had a relationship with Annie LaBelle. He was named Jim Warston in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Lunk was a warm, gentle giant. He had great inner strength despite his outward pacifist attitude. His technical skills has saved his friends on many occasions.


During the aftermath of the Second Robotech War, Lunk served as a certified Bio-Maintenance Engineer for the returning Robotech Expeditionary Force on Earth. It was during the Invid Invasion when Lunk froze in combat and while his comrade was slaughtered by enemy forces. Although he knew any effort to save him would have been futile, he nevertheless blamed himself for his death. He made a solemn vow to deliver his friend's book, "Inherit the Stars" to his father, Ralph Nader. His guilt however, kept him from fulfilling his promise for many, many years.

Since then, Lunk has kept a quiet life in a small village, maintaining an Alpha Fighter he salvaged from one of the REF reinforcement battle groups. He developed a reputation as the village coward, something he had to live with until Scott Bernard's group arrived and helped him fight off a gang of local thugs. He joined Scott's band of freedom fighters, and proved time and time again, that he was no longer the weak-willed fool he once was.

After the battle on Reflex Point, he set out to start a new life as a farmer. Annie and Ariel accompanied him.


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