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Robotech Expeditionary Force

Nobody is more of my failure than I.

—Major Carpenter

Major John Carpenter was an officer of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) in the series Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Tom Wyner. He had previously been in deep space for fifteen years, serving as under Mercury Base, an early reconnaissance division for the Pioneer Mission. He was part of the Robotech Relief Expedition, a task force sent to regroup with Earth forces and break the alien blockade. His operation failed miserably, and his flagship, Recon-1, a Tokugawa-class Battleship was destroyed after it rammed into a Robotech Masters mothership.

His biggest fear was that his failed assault exposed Earth's defenses against the enemy. He was reassigned shortly after this incident, and later helped with Earth's defense against the Masters. Following the aftermath of the war, he would end up serving in Point K, an forward base established by the REF. He was originally in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


  • Carpenter became the star of his own series Star Runners: Carpenter's Journey, where his ship was captured and taken to an Invid Space Station. He and his crew managed to escape confinement to resume their journey to Earth.
  • In the novel, Before the Invid Storm, Carpenter goes through a deep depression and was stationed somewhere to recover.
  • Carpenter was also featured prominently in the Tim Eldred and Bill Spangler series, Invid War. Released in May 1992 and ran until October 1993 with a total of 18 issues, Carpenter became the member of the Invid resistance alongside Jonathan Wolff. He stuck with Wolff until an ill-fated assault on Reflex Point where Wolff pulled his people to go hunt for his missing wife and son at another Invid Hive. Wolff was the lynchpin for the assault; without him, the attack fell apart. Carpenter wound up breaking off and building his own group along with a former Southern Cross soldier named Bekka Cade, with a goal of establishing regular shuttles to and from the moon. His reasons were twofold: to send people up there to safety away from the Invid, and to bring mecha down from Southern Cross stockpiles up there to continue the fight against the Invid. His mission hit a snag when his people became involved in a battle against an Invid super-weapon that was hunting Zentraedi; when he called upon the GMP for help, they refused, and while they beat it, it was at a great cost. It was Carpenter, along with Bekka Cade, who helped ensure Sue Graham's safety as she arrived in advance of the Jupiter Division aboard a Beta Fighter from Moon Base ALuCE II.
  • John Carpenter was named after the cult film director John Carpenter.

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