Kazutaka Miyatake
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September 21, 1949

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Studio Nue

Kazutaka Miyatake(宮武一貴) is an anime designer known for the mechanical design of the Macross TV series, its American adaptation Robotech, and a number of its continuations from Studio Nue, of which he is a founding member. He has also contributed to the mecha design of other series such as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Mechanical DesignEdit

Kazutaka Miyatake has designed the spaceships of several famous anime series. His attention to detail and mechanical realism have made his designs still admired upon and used in anime series and related products after several years of their initial appearance in visual media. One of Miyatake's most famous designs is the SDF-1 Macross spacecraft. Other designs of note have been his "Comet Empire" alien spacecraft designs for Space Battleship Yamato II and the Zentradi alien ships and mecha from Macross as well as the titular mecha from the Dunbine and Orguss TV series and the Gunbuster OVA.

Miyatake also created the Mobile Infantry design for a Japanese edition of the Starship Troopers 1959 novel in the early eighties. This design has been featured in the DAICON III and IV Opening Animations from 1981 and 1983, as well as the Uchu no Senshi (Space Soldiers) OVA adaptation from 1988.

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