M-3002 Hostile Environment Jeep
Production information

Ground Personnel Transport

Technical specifications

4.3 meters


2 meters


1.4 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

150 km/h

Engine unit(s)

Hybrid electric/fly-wheel engine


Robotech Defense Force

The M-3002 Hostile Environment Jeep was a jeep of the Robotech Defense Force then later adopted by various organizations throughout the years.


With the construction of Moon Base Luna and Mars Base Sara, the United Earth Government (UEG) needed vehicles capable of operating without an atmosphere. Three prototypes were developed for a basic ground personnel transport, labeled XM-3001 to XM-3003. While the XM-3001 exhibited the best speed and range performance, problems with its on-board environmental systems caused it drop out of the competition. The XM-3003 utilized a fully enclosed cab for the passengers and pumps to remove and re-pressurize the passenger area. This added excessive weight and degraded the performance of the system sufficiently to prevent it from progressing on in the project. The XM-3002 was the prototype vehicle that won the contract award for the all-terrain hostile-environment jeep. It provided a well-performing vehicle for up to four people and allowed extended operations for up to half a day with a full passenger load.

In 2010, this vehicle went into production as the M-3002. Its later variants were used extensively by the Army of the Southern Cross and Robotech Expeditionary Force space forces.


The (X)M-3002 was comprised on aluminum/titanium/steel alloys for light weight durability. The vehicle body provides fair protection against small arms fire, and good protection against small grenade and shell fragments. The external consumables supplies provided atmosphere for one man-week maximum to properly suited individuals.

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