M2200 Janissary Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Production information

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)

Technical specifications

6.2 meters


2.9 meters


2.3 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

100 km/h

  • 1 x 80mm beam cannon turret
  • 10 x 1 smoke dispensers
  • 6 x 1 gun ports for small arms located on either side of the rear compartment
  • 2 crewmen
  • 10 troops

Army of the Southern Cross

The M2200 Janissary Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle was an armored combat transport of the Army of the Southern Cross, and it was featured in the series Robotech: The Masters. As an IFV, it was much less heavily armed and armoured than main battle tanks, though that doesn't mean they can't still pose a threat in the battlefield.


The M2200 Janissary Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) was developed as a prototype series to explore advanced technology and to replace the aging IFVs of the day. This vehicle tested out experimental miniature fusion reactors and energy weapons before they were upscaled for the destroids. The first few years saw the accidental destruction of a number of these vehicles as the technology behind the power and weapons systems was not fully understood.

The Janissary IFV was developed by command to provide protection to their occupation troops and civil defense units. This armored vehicle could traverse rough terrain and was amphibious, so long as the water was not too rough to capsize the carrier. This IFV primarily saw use in maintaining the strenuous peace and fighting ground troops. The armor on the IFV made it highly vulnerable to attack from ground- and air-based mecha, but the EU-1 80mm pulse laser earns it some respect on the field.

These vehicles were significantly cheaper than any Veritech, allowing the Southern Cross to field a significant army. This army led the Southern Cross to be the dominant power when the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) departed as non-aligned communities could not mount sufficient resistance to maintain their independence. Despite early problems with the design, these vehicles performed their roles sufficiently in later years for the REF to adopt them into their ranks for infantry support, albeit with an upgraded engines.


The first true tracked vehicle to be developed with the aid of Robotech science, the Janissary boasted better armor and armament than any previous IFV. A number of variants were produced to fulfill a wide variety of missions. Fielded first during the last days of the First Robotech War, the Janissary saw service across the planet during the Malcontent Uprisings.

The Army of the Southern Cross acquired thousands of these vehicles for use. Until the wide use of the Cyclone Powered Armor rendered the design semi-obsolete, the Janissary remained an integral part of any ground assault force.


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