MBX-01 Destroid Prototype

Viggers Industries



Technical specifications

4.8 metes


7.2 meters


11.7 meters


23 metric tons

Maximum speed

51 km/h running

Power plant

RRL-1 miniaturized SLMH-cell energizer


1 pilot


The MBX-01 Destroid Prototype was the first prototype of the main battle destroid of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF).


While the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) was being built, the militaries of the Earth set about to incorporate Robotechnology into their armies. It soon became clear that the well-established conventional tank/APC duet was no longer a completely satisfying military option. Thus, as a response to the mecha found on board the SDF-1, the Project Excalibur was established, using an anthropomorphic design for true all-terrain capabilities. Because of the new technologies used, design and manufacture of each individual mecha unit was extremely expensive. Thus, when the specifications were drawn up for several of the new front-line mecha, attempts were made to retain a high degree of interoperability.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The leg assembly was originally developed by Project Excalibur, and co-designed and built by Viggers Industries. It became the basis for a major Destroid series during the First Robotech War, the -04 series. Numerous versions of the -04 assembly saw combat service, the most important ones of these were the Mk. VI, a main battle robot, the Mk. X air defense variant and the Mk. XII mobile missile launcher. Other torsos, including a lighter main battle torso (the Mk. VII) and a combat engineering torso (Mk. VIII) were never ordered.

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