Macross City
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United Earth Government

Macross City was built after an alien battlefortress crash landed on Macross Island. After the area was confirmed as safe from radiation and other contaminants, work began to build support structures for the early science surveillance teams. The city's population swelled after approval for reconstruction of the alien ship came through by newly ratified United Earth Government. The alien ship was later reclassified as the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1), after the island and the city surrounding it. Within a few years time, more than 70,000 individuals lived within the thriving metropolis.

The entire city had to be rebuilt aboard the SDF-1 due to a space fold mishap that literally ripped the entire island from Earth and into space. Thanks to innovative quick-form construction techniques and government stipends, restaurants, businesses, local parks were soon re-established, and life began to go back to normal for much city's population. The scientists aboard later developed an artificial atmospheric system, to simulate day and night cycles and real-life weather. A film, Small White Dragon, was actually filmed on Macross City, while in space, and was a smash hit.

After the Zentraedi Holocaust, the SDF-1 landed on Earth and much of the original city had to be off-loaded and soon, New Macross City was established.

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