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Robotech Expeditionary Force

Mars Base was an organization within the Robotech Expeditionary Forces (REF), that oversaw the operation of missions outside the boundaries of REF controlled space. Their primary function was force deployments for planetary assaults and to hold disputed space (and planets).

Not to be confused with Mars Base Sara, destroyed during the First Robotech War, or the observation post on Mars' moon Deimos built prior to the Second Robotech War. There is also a common misconception that Mars Base is an actual military facility and colony located on Mars. While there were orbital stations, they were not placed above Mars until preparations began for the Invid Invasion of Earth and would become the Mars Staging Grounds.

Mars Base was composed of 3 Attack Groups, with several Divisions, including the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 14th, that were organized into Battalions, Wings then Combat Squadrons. The most well known may have been the 1st, Mars Division, which played a major role in operations to secure and recover Earth from the Masters then the Invid.

Mars Base's combat squadrons were made up in large part by personnel born out in deep space, who had never actually seen Earth. A new breed of Robotech Warrior with highly advanced weapon systems,  During the Third Robotech War, Admiral Rick Hunter personally took command, planning the Point K advance attack base,  establishing a vast military operation to invade and reclaim his homeworld, and intended to lead the final assault against the Invid for control of the planet Earth. One of the most notable members of the Mars Division 21st Combat Squadron was Scott Bernard.


Mars Base units was always the first to fight. Functioning as their own fleet, their primary mission was always to perform first-strike missions, establish forward bases, and coordinate frontal assaults on enemy targets. They were established fairly early during the Pioneer Expedition, and since then, have had extensive experience dealing various enemies the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) have encountered in deep space.

During the Third Robotech War, they were the first to be called by then Admiral Rick Hunter to form a special task force known as the Earth Reclamation Force. Moon Base Luna was set up to be the staging ground for their mission to retake Earth from the Invid, while facilities like Moon Base ALICE were used as a listening and observation post for possible Invid incursions. Other facilities such as the Mars Orbital Armory were also utilized.

Command StructureEdit

Commanding Officer: Admiral Rick Hunter during the Third Robotech War

Battle Group Ares (1)Edit

  • Task Force Deimos
  • Task Force Phobos

Battle Group Athena (2)Edit

  • Task Force Achilles
  • Task Force Ulysses

Battle Group Heracles (3)Edit

  • Task Force Perseus
  • Task Force Theseus

Battle Group Pegasus (4)Edit

  • Task Force Bellerephon
  • Task Force Cadmus

Battle Group Vulcan (5)Edit

  • Task Force Agamemnon
  • Task Force Orpheus

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