Mars Base Sara
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United Earth Government

Mars Base Sara, also referred to as Base Sara or Mars Base, (not to be confused with the organization Mars Base) was the first permanent human colony on Mars. Base Sara was primarily a scientific research station, though it also served as a military installation during the height of the Global War. The entire facility was powered by massive Reflex Furnace.


Prior to the First Robotech War, an incident occured that forced the entire facility to be evacuated. None of the crew returned to Earth, leading to reports that the Anti-Unification League may have been responsible. The base remained abandoned when the United Earth Government decided to channel their budget on rebuilding the the downed alien battlefortress on Macross Island.

During its return journey to Earth, the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) stopped at Mars Base Sara to re-supply and were forced to destroy the base to escape a Zentraedi ambush. No attempts were made to rebuild a surface Mars base after the First Robotech War.

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