Mars Orbital Armory
Production information

Interplanetary Logistics Depot

Technical specifications

1,750 meters

Fold capable


  • 15 x heavy particle beam turrets
  • 8 x 10-tube missile launchers each with a dedicated magazine holding 100 missiles each
  • 40 x 2-barreled point-defense turrets

Berthing capacity for up to 15 battlecruisers or 2-3 time as many smaller vessels of a smaller class.


8,000 crewmen




Robotech Expeditionary Force

The Mars Orbital Armory was a preposition logistics depot that was commissioned by the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF), and was seen in a flashback in Robotech: The New Generation. Due to extreme distances between the various bases of the REF and the unpredictability of fold drives, these massive, self-sustaining facilities were deployed to help serve as waystations for forces in deep space. These armories had multiple facilities and functions on-board, such as unit supply, military hospital, pharmacy, military warehouse, drydocks, military maintenance facility, military dental clinic, space force security detachment and supply support activity storage. One such facility, designated Mars III Orbital Armory was deployed some time on Mars during the Second Robotech War. The sector came to be known as the Mars Staging Grounds, to assist returning Robotech Expeditionary Forces, sent to aid Earth against the Robotech Masters, and later, the Invid.


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