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Mars Staging Grounds was a crucial staging area, both on the surface of planet Mars and in orbit above that location, during the Robotech Expeditionary Force's (REF) operation to release Earth from hostile alien forces during the Second and Third Robotech War. The Mars Orbital Armory served as one of the many bases of operation for the returning forces after it was deployed shortly before the end of the Second Robotech War.


Initial DeploymentEdit

Shortly before the Second Robotech War, a small military outpost maintained by the Cosmic Unit of the United Earth Forces was established at Mars, forces from this facility play a very minor role in that war. Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) fleet buildup at Mars began just prior to the end of the war with the Robotech Masters. The operational command of the Earth Relief Forces, deemed it prudent to deploy their forces at Mars to prepare for assaults against Earth; especially after the disasters of an earlier attempt to break the Robotech Masters blockade. The Mars Orbital Armory was folded in to assist in logistics and maintenance for the Earth Defense Expedition which was authorized by Admiral Rick Hunter.

Earth ReclamationEdit

When the Invid Invaded Earth, operations increased in preparation to re-invade the planet, the first effort was unsuccessful as was the second, intended as the spearhead of a new Earth Reclamation Force operation that was undertaken in large part by Mars Division a few years later. These fleets had fold from the Mars Staging Grounds to a point outside Earth's solar system, designated as Lagrange Point Seven, then re-folded into Earthspace, a tactic hoped to provide surprise and the upperhand but didn't.

Prior to the final battle on Reflex Point, the bulk of the main fleet rendezvoused Moon Base Luna instead of the Mars Staging Grounds.


  • For the longest time, the prologue scene depicting the Mars Staging Grounds seen in Episode 61: Invid Invasion was identified by fans as the headquarters of Mars Base and the fleets of Mars Division. For Robotech Visions, it was decided early on that Mars was nothing more than an outpost, and that Mars Base was an organization not situated on Mars, but located in deep space. This helps sell the concept that Earth was literally on its own during the Second Robotech War, and only after was the Mars Staging Grounds set up for the returning forces of the Robotech Expeditionary Force.

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