Maxwell Dynamics
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Donald Maxwell Sr.

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Maxwell Dynamics was an independently owned company that developed advanced AI and robot drones during the Reconstruction Era. One of their key contributions was the AFQ-01 Vandal Drone


Early FoundationEdit

It was several years into the Reconstruction Era, when Donald Maxwell Sr., along with several of his colleagues, decided to form Maxwell Dynamics. As chief engineer, Maxwell made it his company's mission to developing the next generation of autonomous AI drone fighter, stating it was the future of warfare, and had the potential of putting pilots out of harms way.


Maxwell Dynamics lobbied for additional military funding to develop a new Veritech multi-role fighter. Maxwell Sr. presented an early concept of what would later be known as the the Vandal Drone, which was rejected in favor of other standard piloted mecha designs. It was the belief of the military that AI technology had yet not reached a sufficient level of sophistication and advancement and that it was preferrable to leave expensive hardware at the hands of human pilots. However, there was some interest in the design frame of the Vandal prototype, which was later licensed and became the basis for frame of the Veritech Thunderbolt, the predecessor to the Alpha Fighter.

Niche MarketEdit

Maxwell Dynamic's drone technology found a niche in the civilian and commercial sector. The Robotech Expeditionary Force also used Maxwell's proprietary drone technology for deep space exploration and reconnaisance.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Second Robotech War, Maxwell decided to sell the company to Shimada Enterprises. Rumors spread regarding the decision of the sale, with some speculating Maxwell Sr. wanted to retire early to spend time with his son, Donald Maxwell Jr.. He was able to keep a handful of the Vandal prototypes, considering them his most prized possessions.

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