Megalord-class Super Dimension Fortress
Production information

Super Dimension Battlefortress

Technical specifications

1,210 meters


496 meters (after arm refit)


312 meters

Fold capable


Power plant

RRG Mk.3 protoculture-fueled Reflex furnace cluster


XS-1 Barrier Defense System

  • 20 x Mk.1 Ballistic missile launcher
  • 48 x Mk.88 Defense missile launcher
  • 4 x RRG-SP missile launcher
  • 1 x Mk.1 Reflex cannon
  • 10 x Mk.1 particle cannon
  • 4 x Mk.1 heavy railgun
  • 16 x Mk.3 particle cannon
  • 1 x Mk.2 plasma cannon
  • 3,000 crewmen
  • 1,500 air men
  • 12,500 additional citizens

additional personnel depending upon configuration)


3 years




Robotech Defense Force

Our earth is a beautiful planet... It's sad that we'll be leaving it soon. That's what the new ship is for. The has come for mankind to grow up and leave its cradle behind. Go forth and claim our place in outer space.

—Captain Henry Gloval

The Megalord-class Super Dimension Fortress, commonly referred to as the SDF-2 or the Megalord, was a next generation fold-capable battlefortress that was constructed following the Zentraedi Holocaust, and the intended flagship of the Pioneer Mission. Unlike its predecessor, the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1), the SDF-2 was based on a completely original frame. Like the SDF-1, it was capable of transforming into a human-like configuration, though, it wasn't necessary to be in this mode to be allowed to fire its Reflex cannon. It was only mentioned in the series Robotech: The Macross Saga but never actually seen.



The "bridge" of the SDF-2.

During the Reconstruction Era, Henry Gloval drafted an initiative that would enable humanity to leave the Earth and conquer the stars. This long-term colonization effort necessitated a larger, more powerful flagship, one that could survive any potential crisis of traveling in deep space. After securing the necessary production and engineering facilities from various private contractors, notably Shimada Enterprises, as well as expertise from the Zentraedi, construction began for the new Odyssey-class Super Dimensional Fortress, known simply as the SDF-2. Aside from being larger, the SDF-2's "arms" would be armed two ARMD platforms, unlike the SDF-1 which were aircraft carriers. The SDF-2 would also have a complete manufacturing suite onboard, capable of constructing various mecha and auxiliary vehicles whenever needed.


The SDF-2 was allegedly berthed alongside the SDF-1 in New Macross City. Unfortunately, the SDF-2 was destroyed after a deadly sneak attack by Khyron in New Macross City. It was struck by Khyron's gunship, which completely disabled the ship, necessitating it be evacuated by all critical personnel.


  • This design was based on the SDF-2 Megalord concept by Kazutaka Miyatake.
  • The SDF-2 was only mentioned during Episode 36: To The Stars. The SDF-2 was never in the actual animation of the episode, and was really just an excuse for the writers to have most of the SDF-1's original crew killed. The writers thought this would help explain their disappearance during Robotech: The Masters, the second "saga" of Robotech.
  • The Comico adaptation of Episode 36: To The Stars tried to go with Carl Macek's explanation that the SDF-1 and SDF-2 were just 'back to back', by illustrating both vessels actually behind each other in Macross City.
  • Various Robotech RPG sites have tried to explain that the SDF-2 was actually built on the Moon, while others claimed it was in the bottom of the lake where the SDF-1 had landed.

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