Micronization was a process that Zentraedi underwent to shrink to human-size individuals. This complex transformation required the use of a Protoculture Chamber. Micronized Zentraedi could also revert to their original size in a process known as Macronization. Although the enlargements and reductions were not painful, it was physically taxing, leaving its subject temporarily weak and nauseous. However, frequent transformations within a short period of time will place such a strain on the metabolism that could prove lethal.

Positive Effects to MicronizationEdit

There was essentially no limit as to how long a Zentraedi may remain micronized. The change was permanent unless the person undergoes the transformation process to intentionally reverse the micronization. As a matter of fact, the micronian size places less strain on the body than in its massive giant size, alleviating the stress of gravity, environment and massive consumption of food and water.

As giants, they required additional supplements of vitamins, nutrients, protein and a properly balanced diet. A prerequisite which can be satisfied for those involved with the Robotech Defense Force, the Robotech Factory Satellite, and the space reconnaisance or defense programs. However, most of the rebels operating in the jungle and wastelands suffered malnutrition, stress and fatigue, effectively reducing their average life span compared to their human or micronized counterparts.

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