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I am Quadrano Leader Miriya Parina, Zentraedi Air Force.

—Miriya Parina

Miriya Parina Sterling

Miriya Parina Sterling, voiced by Edie Mirman, was a Zentraedi female character in the series Robotech: The Macross Saga. She was the self-styled "finest combat pilot in all the Zentraedi forces." She was distinguished by her slim figure, green eyes, long green hair and amazing knife fighting skills. She would later have a relationship with her rival Max Sterling, and have a daughter named Dana Sterling. She was known as Milia Jenius in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the series which was adapted into the first "saga" of Robotech.


Miriya entered the First Robotech War as Commander Azonia's first officer and the leader of the Quadrano Battalion. Miriya was an ace pilot and had a fearsome reputation among the Zentraedi. She was a warrior who piloted the Queadluun-Rau Power Armor and she considered herself to be unbeatable in combat.

When the Zentraedi attacked the Super Dimension Fortress-1 (SDF-1) in 2009, Miriya lead several raids against the human forces; including one in which ace pilot Roy Fokker was killed. Miriya enjoyed combat and took great pride in the fact that she has never once failed to defeat a foe in combat.


The Micronian AceEdit

Time and again, you've made me like a fool. I am the Zentraedi's greatest pilot and will not be humiliated by a Micronian. The first time you were lucky; the second was your final victory. Nothing can save you now - I will defeat you!

—Miriya Parina

In April 2011, upon a challenge from Khyron that there was a "Micronian" ace aboard the SDF-1 that even she could not best, who happened to be Max Sterling. Intrigued, Miriya took it upon herself to engage him in combat but found herself frustrated as she could not defeat him, a situation which she had never faced before nor did she think was possible. Determined to maintain her reputation, Miriya decided to be micronized to human form so she could infiltrate the SDF-1 to find the pilot and assassinate him. During the micronization process, Miriya's height was reduced from 8.55 metres (28 feet) to 1.78 metres (5.8 feet) and her weight was reduced from 6,250 kilograms (13,779 pounds) to 53 kilograms (117 pounds, which was pretty good). After infiltrating the SDF-1, Miriya explored Macross City and marveled at human culture.

The Knife FightEdit

It's no use. You're no match for me. You may be a great man, but what is man compared to a Zentraedi?

—Miriya Parina


Miriya Parina awaiting her orders.

At a video game arcade (which Miriya believes is a combat training facility), she again found herself unbeatable at a combat simulation game until she was challenged to a duel by Max Sterling, who was the incredibly skilled pilot whom Miriya had dueled against in real combat. Max, who was attracted to Miriya, challenged her to a video game in the hope of getting to know her better. After a short game, Max defeated her, and Miriya concluded (correctly) that Max must be the ace pilot whom she faced in real combat. Miriya was furious that she had been beaten again but as she stormed off, Max asked her out on a date. Miriya, still determined to defeat him, accepted, although she secretly plotted to kill the poor guy. Max, after consulting with Rick about what he should wear, arrived at the park where he awaited Miriya's arrival. Hiding in the bushes, Miriya drew a knife and ran towards Max and proclaimed: "Maximillian, prepare for your doom!" and threw the knife at him. To her surprise, Max was able to dodge Miriya's first attack and the knife buried itself in a tree. Miriya revealed that she was a Zentraedi warrior and that her mission was to avenge her wounded pride, prompting Max to say "There goes our first date." Drawing a second knife, she continued to swing and thrust the knife at Max. Max managed to pull the first knife out of the tree and after a short, rather ridiculous looking fight; Max managed to disarm her and pointed the knife at her face while proudly declaring "I guess I win again." Beaten for a third time, Miriya became emotionally despondent and her anger and hatred gave way to depression. She fell to her knees, and asked Max to kill her. Crying, Miriya believed she could not live with the shame of being defeated and that her only option now to die by his hand. Yet despite everything that had just occurred, Max being nothing more than a horny teenager, said that he could never harm her because she was so beautiful. Max and Miriya looked into each other's eyes and Miriya realized that the feelings she held toward Max were not of hate but of infatuation. The two passionately kiss. Max wiped a tear from Miriya's cheek and, although he admitted it sounded crazy, asked her to marry him. Miriya, with no idea what marriage is, accepted his proposal.

Wedding BluesEdit

Wedding preparations soon began, and the were are married in a historic wedding aboard the SDF-1. Max and Miriya were the first union of a human and a Zentraedi, which became an unlikely symbol of peace between the two races as their wedding raised hopes throughout the SDF-1 that peace with the enemy was possible.

The wedding proved to be such a significant moment in history that the Zentraedi also observed the wedding via their monitors. When Breetai asked Exedore what Miriya was doing, Exedore stated that she was "getting married" and further explained that marriage was "a condition in which male and female lived together." Breetai, despite his view that marriage was a "strange Micronian custom," nonetheless believed that Miriya was enjoying herself and he wondered aloud what he suspected: that Miriya, like previous Zentraedi defectors, had found the human way of life too enjoyable to resist. Exedore commented that human emotions were something which the Zentraedi seem to have no defense against. Breetai was subsequently ordered by Zentraedi Supreme Commander Dolza to launch a full scale assault to destroy the SDF-1, but by now, Breetai, like many of the Zentraedi under him, was having second thoughts. The battle began after the wedding ceremony and Miriya insisted that Max take her with him in his Veritech fighter. Holding hands, the two race off to battle. During the fight, Miriya showed Max how to disable Zentraedi Battlepods without killing the pilots. This new tactic was then utilized by the rest of the SDF-1's forces. This development, combined with the Zentraedi's increased exposure to human emotions and the realization that the human way of life may just be more enjoyable (a feeling that was amplified by watching Miriya get married to a human) caused a wave of mutinies to spread through the Zentraedi fleet as soldiers refused to fight and turned against their superiors. Breetai, realizing that his forces had defected, was forced to call a truce with the SDF-1.

Adjusting to Human LifeEdit

Miriya initially had trouble adapting to life among humans and a culture that she never knew existed only a short time earlier. On their wedding night, her first attempt to cook proved disastrous (and humorous) as she mistakenly used cooking oil in a coffee pot, which started a fire in the kitchen. Max, after putting out the fire with an extinguisher, sighed and stated that mornings are going to be rough without any coffee. Despite the rocky start to their marriage, the two enjoyed their wedding night. It was their first time and all.

Miriya stuck by Max's side through the final battle with Dolza's forces. She proved herself an extremely skilled Veritech pilot and became Max's wingmate, piloting a distinctive red Veritech fighter alongside Max's blue one. In the final battle against Dolza's armada in 2011, Max and Miriya, after smiling at each other from their fighter cockpits, began fighting side by side against the seemingly impossible odds. Both survive the battle which ended the First Robotech War.

After the WarEdit


Miriya with the (then) green-haired Dana Sterling.

During the Reconstruction Era, Max and Miriya settled down in New Macross City, built around the SDF-1, and began a new life together. In October 2012, Miriya gave birth to a daughter, Dana Sterling, the first child born from a Human/Zentraedi union. Max and Miriya happily embraced their new role as parents, and can often be seen walking together holding arms in New Macross City while pushing a baby carriage. Miriya watched with joy as Max proudly held baby Dana in his arms. As a baby, Dana had seagreen hair and resembled her mother. Miriya, despite her previous life as Zentraedi warrior, showed as much love for her child as any human mother could; and views it as a miracle that she could create life within her own body. Miriya's marriage and her baby daughter became the envy of Lisa Hayes, who struggled with her feelings for Rick Hunter. Claudia Grant, whose lover Roy Fokker was killed in the First Robotech War, also envied Miriya and her family, as she was never able to have a child of her own with Roy. Like Max, Miriya was now happier than she has ever been before and looked forward to raising her daughter in a new and peaceful world. However, when initial Zentraedi rebellions began to break out in March 2013 and Khyron and Azonia reemerged after two years in hiding, both are forced back into combat, now commanders of Green Squadron, as the dream of a peaceful world came crashing down.

Robotech Factory SatelliteEdit


The beautiful Miriya with sleeping Dana Sterling.

In June 2013, Max and Miriya took part in an important mission under Breetai into deep space to capture the last remaining Zentraedi Robotech Factory Satellite. The mission proved highly unorthodox when Admiral Henry Gloval asked them to bring Dana Sterling (who was only eight months old) along to serve as a diversion. After Breetai's ship defolded near the factory, Max and Miriya blast into the enemy Zentraedi control area in their fighters. Miriya then proudly displays baby Dana, cradled in her arms and wearing a tiny pink and white spacesuit, to the hostile Zentraedi on board. These Zentraedi, who have had no exposure to human culture and have never seen a baby before, recoil in shock as one soldier shouts "That thing is deformed!" Dana coos as she brought her hands to the faceshield of her helmet in an effort to rub her eyes, prompting another Zentraedi soldier to shout "It moves!" Miriya smiles and explains that "in the micronian language, this is what is called an infant; actually created inside my own body. But by both of us," indicating towards Max. Miriya then declared that Dana was a symbol of protoculture and love and lifts Dana above her head in full view of all the Zentraedi in the area while declaring "Observe the power of protoculture! The power of love!" The Zentraedi became filled with terror as they concluded Dana as a mutation who was contagious and fled in fear. The resulting chaos aboard the enemy command ship caused disorder throughout the enemy fleet, allowing the United Earth Forces and their Zentraedi allies under Breetai to launch an attack that crippld the enemy forces and seized the factory to assist in the rebuilding of Earth.

Khyron's RevengeEdit

In December 2013, Khyron's forces launched an attack against New Macross City to steal a Protoculture Storage Matrix to repower his warship. Max and Miriya's Green Squadron joined in the attempt to stop him but as his forces escape, he detonated bombs hidden throughout the city, causing extensive damage and loss of life. Max and Miriya turned back to help fight the resulting fires and rescue survivors. Yet despite the misery so close to Christmas, Max and Miriya were later seen on their balcony with Dana Sterling, watching the SDF-1 lit up with Christmas lights.

In January 2014, Max and Miriya joined their friends in the final battle of New Macross City as Khyron launched an assault in his repowered warship to destroy the SDF-1. Despite their efforts, Khyron launched a suicide run, destroying his own ship as well as the SDF-1 and newly completed Super Dimension Fortress-2 Megalord (SDF-2). Many of their friends, including Admiral Henry Gloval, Claudia Grant, Sammy Porter and Kim Young died in the battle. Although devastated by the loss of their friends, Max and Miriya vow to continue to work to rebuild Earth and to take humanity to the stars.

Novel ContinuityEdit

For Miriya, the emotional changes she experienced during the series are profound. Miriya was a ruthless Zentraedi warrior who has known nothing but war her entire life. In only two years, she became not only a loving wife but also a mother. This incredible transformation was expressed in the following passage from the Jack McKinney novel Doomsday (book six of the series):

The baby was peacefully asleep on her breast, and just looking at her, it was all Miriya could do to keep from weeping for joy. A miracle, she told herself ten times a day: that she and Max could produce such innocent loveliness; that she, a former warrior, could feel this way about anyone or anything. Such unknown contentment and pure rapture.

In the same novel, Rick Hunter writes, in reference to the operation against the factory satellite, that: "Love, like size, had lost all meaning - love was a battle maneuver ... The only one among us who seemed to know anything about that elusive emotion was Miriya, wedded to the infant she'd given birth to as much as she was Max." As Max and Miriya join in the subsequent battle against the now disorganized enemy Zentraedi fleet, Miriya pilots her fighter while holding Dana in her lap. As the battle rages, Miriya clutches Dana more tightly to herself, while Dana waves her arms joyously at the explosions going on all around her. The book states that Miriya fought with more fury than she even had before "as though the small life she held in her arms was a treasure more precious than any the universe could offer, a life worth preserving at all costs."

In the book Force of Arms (book 5 of the series) by Jack McKinney, Miriya's giving birth to Dana is all the more extraordinary because nobody could figure out how Max and Miriya had been able to conceive a child since no Zentraedi male-female reproduction had ever been recorded. Explanations that were provided by scientists are that Miriya's consumption of human-style food (as opposed to antiseptic rations of the Zentraedi) and her exposure to emotions had caused subtle biochemical changes. Some even wondered if Dana was actually Max and Miriya's child at all but, as proved by exhaustive tests, Dana was indisputably their child. To Lisa Hayes, the only explanation that made sense (or mattered) was that Dana was the result of the love that Max and Miriya had for one another.

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