Mobile Logistical Depot and Drydock
Production information

Interplanetary Station

Technical specifications

2,000 meters


2,500 meters

Fold capable


  • 10 x heavy particle beam turrets
  • 4 x 10-tube missile launchers each with a dedicated magazine holding 100 missiles each
  • 20 x 2-barreled point-defense turrets

Berthing capacity for up to 5 TriStar-class Cruiser Leaders or 2-3 time as many smaller vessels of a smaller class.

  • 12000 crewmen
  • 1000 pilots and aircrew.
  • Up to an additional 4000 personnel can be easily accommodated.



The Mobile Logistical Depot and Drydock was a space station and dry dock that served under the Army of the Southern Cross (ASC) and Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF). It was first seen in Robotech: The Masters, while in orbit of Moon Base Luna.


With the race to build the United Earth Forces’ Interstellar Fleet reaching its peak in 2022, the need for a mobile logistical infrastructure was realized. Although Space Stations Liberty and its ilk would travel with the massive force, they simply would be spreading too thin to support such a massive undertaking. A smaller, more mobile logistics station was needed.

The need for dry dock space was obvious. The new station had to be able to service, resupply and repair at least five capital ships at once. It also needed to be able to have stores to last at least a month without itself needing resupply


These vessels proved useful and a dozen were constructed before the Pioneer Mission. The first model, Copernicus Station, remained in the solar system to service the Liberty Observer fleet and its associated battlegroups. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in the opening moments of the Second Robotech War shortly before Liberty Observer was attacked.


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