Monument City
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Second Robotech War

Monument City was a city that was constructed following the Zentraedi Holocaust, otherwise known as the Rain of Death. Following a deadly attack on New Macross City by Khyron, citizens were ordered to be evacuated to other areas, one being Monument City. By the Second Robotech War, the city had become the largest and most advanced on the continent. It was a vast metropolis, teeming with shopping centers, discos, bars, and a museum dedicated the the First Robotech War. Monument City was also the home and headquarters of the Army of the Southern Cross, Global Military Police and the United Earth Government. The city hosted the a sizable portion of the United Earth Forces and had the second largest concentration of Robotech manufacturing and research facilities on the planet.

South of Monument City was the former site of New Macross City, re-designated SX.83. The city would ultimately be destroyed and left to ruins after the Battle of Monument City.


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