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Monument Propulsion Labs System was a major protoculture refinement company that was established during the Reconstruction Era. They maintained a number of refineries throughout the world, providing for both the civilian and military market. The company was dissolved following the Invid invasion.

Use of ProtocultureEdit


Headquarters of Monument Propulsion Lab System, located in New Detroit

Humanity discovered Protoculture on board the alien Super Dimension Fortress that arrived on Earth in 1999, later designated SDF-1 and nicknamed "The Macross" after its Macross Island crash location. An elite panel of scientist and military leaders decided which discoveries would be shared with the world's scientific and industrial communitee for study and development. Granted, most of the vessel's technology would eventually reach the public in some form or another, the world took these discoveries for granted and rarely understood the complexity of the technology. The word "Protoculture" didn't achieve common usage until after Breetai's Zentraedi fleet arrived in 2009.



MPLS Protoculture Refinement facility in the Industrial Section of Sector One, New Macross City.

A variety of protoculture-based cruiser and mecha technologies were discovered on the SDF-1 or later developed by humanity's greatest scientists and engineers. At this time, Protoculture usage was mainly confined to military systems including Varitech/Veritech (Variable Mecha) and Robotech craft such as Destroids. Since the various Reflex Furnaces and Reactors (re)constructed by humanity employed slightly different functional processes, a refinement process was invented to alter Protoculture into forms better suited to each use. Until the Rain of Death, the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) managed refinement and distribution.


The Zentraedi Armada's Rain of Death destroyed most of Earth's Industrial and Military Complex. Both surviving and newly formed companies attempted to fill this void and profit from Earth's Reconstruction. A group of industrialists and scientists who had previously worked with the RDF, decided to branch out and form their own private enterprise, Monument Propulsion Labs System (MPLS). Based in New Detroit, they would become a major Protoculture refinement company responsible for supplying both the military and civilian sectors. Their extensive knowledge of Protoculture and the refinement processes, led to the development of a more refined version of the Protoculture battery cell. Bio-engineers the world over praise this discovery, as it provided a more efficient power output in existing generators of various mechanical engines. These breakthroughs helped MPLS maintain their dominance right until the Invid invasion.

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