Moon Base ALICE or AluCE-1
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Moon Base ALICE, officially classified as Advanced Lunar Chemical Engineering or AluCE Development Center or AluCE-1 or simply, AluCE, was one of the first off-world bases established during the Reconstruction Era. It was initially a civilian facility, a co-development project between Robotech Research and Development and Shimada Enterprises before it was abandoned when operations moved to deep space. The facility was converted to a military forward base during the Second Robotech War.


The Moon base was almost completely underground and consisted of large silos capable of acting as drydocks for ships; each silo could hold two Frigates, one Transport, or a large-scale carrier. The base was powered by several Reflex Furnaces buried deep beneath the surface. There were also extremely large shelters designed to hold thousands.


Moon Base ALICE served as a civilian research center that was later abandoned and moved in deep space during the Pioneer Mission. During the Second Robotech War, the Army of the Southern Cross took control of the facility and expanded it into a major military base capable of supporting an entire squadron of vessels. ALICE was instrumental in the Southern Cross’ attempts to take the war on the offensive against the Robotech Masters.

During the evacuation of Earth following the Invid Invasion, many refugees headed for the moon base to await transfer to the deep space colonies. For some reason, the Invid chose to ignore attacking the facility, as they felt wasn't a significant risk to their security. As a precaution, majority of the operations were transferred instead to Moon Base Luna, a major military facility located in the dark side of the moon. ALICE remains an observation base, trying their make contact with any surviving resistance force on the Invid-occupied Earth.


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