Mountain Offensive Squad
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Army of the Southern Cross

Mountain Offensive Squad, sometimes referred to as the Mountain Squad, was a division of the Army of the Southern Cross that was usually based in the mountainous regions of Earth.



Civil Defense Unit's standard armor.

A special force trained in the arts of mountain climbing, the MOS could be found within the mountains of the world. From time to time, the skilled daredevils of the MOS were called upon to perform less traditional feats, such as scaling skyscrapers, spacecraft and the crater pocked wastelands.

The Mountain Squad was trained in all types of climbing and scaling techniques. generally they were called in for special assignments or placed as a member of a special team.

The body armor of the Mountain Squad was designed to address their specific needs for climbing. The shoulders were large, heavily reinforced compartments that contain a 100 ft towline/rappelling line. On top of the shoulders, forearms, hips, knees, and back, were heavy, reinforced rope clips. The feet were ridged for better traction, and can be replaced with electromagnetic pads to scale metal surfaces.

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